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NCCM Yellow Mill Roll
Non-Woven Mill Rolls

Thomas makes the finest mill rolls in the industry: Long lasting, high performance rolls covered with NCCM® material.  

Brush Material

Whether it is an under-performing existing brushing station or a new requirement for mechanical agitation, let Thomas help you improve your processing with a brush solution tailored to your needs.

Pressure Roll
Pressure Rolls

Thomas offers custom Pressure Rolls for Laser-Welded Blank lines.  Our Pressure Rolls will outlast and out-perform urethane rolls, giving you the accuracy you need for precision welds.

Thomas Rolls Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabricating

Being a leader in the industrial roll business requires talented people, modern equipment, and commitment to constant customer satisfaction. At Thomas Industrial Rolls, we pride ourselves on having the best talent and the equipment to meet your specific machining requirements.

Thomas Rolls Wiper Bar
Wiper Bar

Wiper Bars and Mill Wipes are made of strong, non-woven NCCM® material.  These products are used to control excess oil/dirt issues on rolls and belts. Thomas offers a wide range of wiper bar options. From custom bracket manufacturing designs to simple spring loaded assemblies, we will make certain the right system works for you.

Thomas Rolls Bearing Blocks
Bearing Blocks

Let Thomas design a bearing solution for your needs.  We also offer a Bearing Block program, where we will maintain, refurbish, and replace bearings as needed.  Your refurbished rolls will arrive to you, ready to drop into place!

Thomas Rolls Steel Boxes
Custom Roll Boxes

Thomas will design, engineer, and manufacture custom steel boxes to meet your requirements. These robust, stackable boxes are designed to secure the rolls by either the journals or bearing blocks. You'll know that that the rolls you receive are in the same perfect condition as when they left our facility.

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