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Mill Roll Applications

Thomas Industrial Rolls produces non-woven rolls to replace conventional rolls. Our rolls are made from non-woven nylon discs that are bonded together. This disk construction, along with the engineering expertise, produces a roll with a higher coefficient of friction that resists more cuts and gouges than any other covered roll.

Thomas has developed methods and systems for increasing valuable production time while reducing operating costs. Consider these innovative solutions from Thomas Industrial Rolls:

High Performance Wringer Rolls
Film Control Rolls
Tension / Bridle Rolls
Specialty Rolls
Types of Mill Roll Material
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NCCM® Yellow Neutral Rolls
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NCCM® CX Rolls
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NCCM® CX Plus Rolls
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NCCM® RK Rolls

Thomas Industrial Rolls, Inc.

"The experts in non-woven mill rolls"

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